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Euterpe oleracea, Pará Dwarf "Acai Super Berry” Palm Fruit Tree
Euterpe oleracea, Pará Dwarf "Acai Super Berry” Palm Fruit Tree
Euterpe oleracea, Pará Dwarf "Acai Super Berry” Palm Fruit Tree
Euterpe oleracea, Pará Dwarf "Acai Super Berry” Palm Fruit Tree
Euterpe oleracea, Pará Dwarf "Acai Super Berry” Palm Fruit Tree
Euterpe oleracea, Pará Dwarf "Acai Super Berry” Palm Fruit Tree
Euterpe oleracea, Pará Dwarf "Acai Super Berry” Palm Fruit Tree

Euterpe oleracea, Pará Dwarf "Acai Super Berry” Palm Fruit Tree

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Euterpe oleracea, Pará Dwarf  "Acai Super Berry”
Habitat and Distribution: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, in tidal freshwater swamps and in regularly inundated areas along rivers and streams. 
Description: Euterpe oleracea is a naturally clumping palm, which can reach heights close to 100 foot tall with long slender trunks. The beautiful deep green elegantly drooping fronds of the E. oleracea are born from long skinny crown shafts.
Culture: Euterpe palms require a tropical climate with slightly acidic soil.
Comments and Curiosities: The Para Dwarf “Acai Super Berry” variety of Euterpe oleracea is cultivated and developed by South American farmers. The Dwarf variety grows much shorter, only reaching heights approximately 20 feet. This palm begins to seed faster and at a much shorter height making harvest of acai berries much easier for farmers. The Dwarf variety also has a larger seed, producing up to 25% more pulp then the natural oleracea. Since the demise of Euterpe edulis as a source of palm heart, E. oleracea has become the most utilized species. E. oleracea is a more sustainable alternative as it produces many stems/trunks unlike E. edulis. When one of acai's stems is cut, more stems grow back on the same root system and the cutting of stems encourages fruiting on the remaining stems. Acai palm (E. oleracea) is now the world's main source of palm hearts. Since its introduction to the world market in 2000 the açaí fruit has steadily gained attention for its remarkable antioxidant value, even higher, some studies show, than that of other antioxidant powerhouses such as blueberries, red grapes and pomegranates. In Brazil the fruits are an important part of the diet of a large proportion of its inhabitants. The fleshy mesocarp is mixed with water and made into a drink and also ice cream. Because of the açaí fruit’s potentially elite antioxidant capacity, studies are being done to test the berry’s anti-cancer potential. In one of the first studies undertaken at the University of Florida in 2006, researchers discovered that açaí berry extracts caused up to 86% of tested leukemia cells to self-destruct. These findings were published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Other scientific studies continue to be published on the fruit’s nutritional profile and possible health benefits. One of the main plant chemicals in acai is a compound called anthocyanin. Anthocyanins are a group of flavonoids widely distributed in plants lending a red to purple color to fruits like grapes, blackberries, and raspberries. As a well known antioxidant, anthocyanin-rich foods and fruits have been marketed as cancer preventative and anti-aging products. The anthocyanin in acai however is highly unstable and degrades easily due to heat, humidity, as well the enzyme actions of other chemicals in the fruit. This makes acai fruit highly perishable. It readily changes in color, taste, and anthocyanin content with even short term (12 hours) refrigerated storage. Finally, if all the berry and palm heart qualities of  Euterpe oleracea (Pará Dwarf "Acai Super Berry”) palm tree wasn't enough, this beautiful palm is also very often planted as an ornamental tree throughout the Amazon region.


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