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Bismarckia Nobilis Seedling Palm Tree Live Tropical!
Bismarckia Nobilis Seedling Palm Tree Live Tropical!
Bismarckia Nobilis Seedling Palm Tree Live Tropical!
Bismarckia Nobilis Seedling Palm Tree Live Tropical!

Bismarckia Nobilis Seedling Palm Tree Live Tropical!

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Bismarckia Nobilis Palm

Common names
The Bismark Palm, Nobilis Palm

Habitat and Distribution
Native to Madagascar this palm is widely cultivated.

A gorgeous, prehistoric looking species. This palm can grow 30-40 feet tall. It’s fast growing and can reach a height of 15ft in just five years. The Bismark has a single smooth trunk topped with 20-25 wide fronds that form a spherical crown. The stems are 8-10ft long and the leaves are as wide as 10ft across.

It likes full sun, sandy soil, good drainage and heat. Does well in tropical, subtropical as well as growing well in Southern California and some California and Arizona desert climates. The cold tolerance is impressive with its ability to withstand temps in the 20’s F and it also tolerates heat upwards to 110 degrees F. Cold Hardy to zone 8b-11

A massive and handsome palm that instantly provides dramatic effect to any landscape. Makes a surprisingly good and stunning potted specimen!


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