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Mango Tree Lemon Meringue "PPK" 3 Gal / 10" Pot Professionally Grafted Live

Mango Tree Lemon Meringue "PPK" 3 Gal / 10" Pot Professionally Grafted Live

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Lemon Meringue aka “Po Pyu Kalay” Mango Tree Professionally Grafted !


Lemon Meringue Mango aka “Po Pyu Kalay” is from Myanmar (formerly Burma). In 1995 it was introduced to Miami by grafting master and founding member of the Miami Rare Fruit Council, Maurice Kong.


Lemon Meringue is a medium to large vigorous upright tree that produces 6-12 oz, golden yellow, elongated fruit. It’s sweet & spicy flavor and aroma is reminiscent of citrus, thus it’s nickname “Lemon Meringue”.


Season: Eary (Late May - June)

Seeds: Polyembryonic.

Mangoes are incredibly low maintenance. The saying "less is more" definitely applies to this amazing fruit tree !

Grafting - Grown from seed most mango trees will not yield predictable fruit or tree characteristics. Grafting affords the likelihood of fruit production in the first few years versus of waiting up to 10 years or more for a seedling to produce. Grafting also guarantees your tree and its fruit will grow and produce true to its desired cultivar retaining all it’s desirable characteristics.

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