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Burretiokentia hapala, 'Dreadlock Palm Tree'
Burretiokentia hapala, 'Dreadlock Palm Tree'
Burretiokentia hapala, 'Dreadlock Palm Tree'

Burretiokentia hapala, 'Dreadlock Palm Tree'

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Burretiokentia hapala, ‘Dreadlock Palm’
Habitat and Distribution: B. hapala is endemic to New Caledonia
Description: This beautiful, solitary, prominently ringed, dark green palm can grow to heights of 25’ with a crown of about 5-10 leaves. Its inflorescence is what sets it apart, with people often referring to it as the Rasta palm. From a distance the brownish, inflorescence ‘fingers’, look wooly and there are often multiples that appear at once encircling the entire base of the crownshaft.
Cultivation & Culture: Although fairly slow growing, it is one of the fastest of all the New Caledonia palms. If given some shade and wind protection, as well as water and rich draining soil, this palm is pretty easy to grow.
Comments: An unusually striking, slender (6” in diameter) palm that keeps it beautiful glossy green trunk color, with contrasting large tan leaf scars, throughout its life. A landscaping standout and great addition to any palm collection.


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