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Coconut 'Cocos Nucifera' Tropical Palm Live Panama / Pacific Tall
Coconut 'Cocos Nucifera' Tropical Palm Live Panama / Pacific Tall
Coconut 'Cocos Nucifera' Tropical Palm Live Panama / Pacific Tall

Coconut 'Cocos Nucifera' Tropical Palm Live Panama / Pacific Tall

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Coconut, Cocos nucifera, Organic Panama / Pacific Tall Live Tree Plant / Seed / Nut


Un-Sprouted Coconut:

Organic coconut, recently ripened and released naturally from the tree. This mature coconut provides the sweetest most delicious & nutritious organic coconut water & meat with exceptional flavor. Using simple tools we easily harvest the water and meat in a couple minutes. The common coconut meat tool works very well actually!
Sprout-Your-Own (w/our Un-Sprouted Coconut):
Place your coconut half way into well draining potting mix. Keep warm and moist.
Sprouted Coconut:
Healthy and vigorous ready for planting outdoor in sub-tropical or warmer climates. Better disease resistance & cold tolerance than the Jamaican Tall. Very “full” tropical and ornamental canopy. Ambitious growers, keep and grow these coconut plants in a container anywhere with controlled temperature, and humidity. A very fast grower, this coconut does very well in a container but in colder climates it must be moved to a protected location to avoid temperatures approaching freezing and or low humidity.
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