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Mango Tree Glenn 3 Gal / 10" Pot Professionally Grafted Mangifera indica Live

Mango Tree Glenn 3 Gal / 10" Pot Professionally Grafted Mangifera indica Live

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Glenn Mango Tree Professionally Grafted !


Florida variety and sibling of Haden. Fiberless, sweet and very flavorful.


The tree is relatively small and produces a compact, dense, rounded canopy. Trees are often kept 15 feet by regular pruning. They produce medium-to-large sized crops regularly. The fruit is oval to oblong in shape, with a rounded base and a pointed apex which lacks a beak, and is usually 14-22 oz in weight. It has thin but tough skin which turns bright yellow when ripe. The fruit will develop an orange to red blush on 25-50% of its surface when exposed to the sun, while it remains completely yellow if in the shade. It has rich and sweet peachy flavor and fiberless flesh.


An attractive small to medium sized tree with a moderate growth habit, this variety is suitable for container growing.

Trouble free easy to grow.


Another favorite in the orchard here at LGF.

Season: Eary (Late May - June)

Seed: Monoembryonic

Mangoes are incredibly low maintenance. The saying "less is more" definitely applies to this amazing fruit tree !

Grafting - Grown from seed most mango trees will not yield predictable fruit or tree characteristics. Grafting affords the likelihood of fruit production in the first few years versus of waiting up to 10 years or more for a seedling to produce. Grafting also guarantees your tree will grow and produce fruit true to its desired cultivar retaining all desirable characteristics.

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